this is an error I am receiving on pycharm

>>> print ” ” random ( )

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<console>”, line 1, in <module>
TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable

Plz leave a comment telling me how to fix this



Doodling in math class connect the dots and Parabolas: Useless or useful?

Personally I think parabolas are useless. And for all of you angry school teachers parabolas are in calculus NOT algebra. I also think that the only thing that parabolas are useful for is making a multi-million dollar game about shooting birds at things. GOOD JOB VI HART!


Tau, taff, ummmm… etc.

Tau is also known as π2. Also I think π is useless in math since using tau is better than using π2 in circumferences (since that is about all π is useful for anyway) considering π in some languages is pronounced pee, which… Is gross. So in a simple way of putting it use tau instead of π (I hope you don’t mind me using tau instead of π2 you angry school teachers with a useless curriculum. And to all of you who are considering unsubscribing from me because of this note).

Khanacademy CS Programming Command Notes

Hello Programming beginners! This is HHK. Today I am Showing you the commands to Khanacademy CS (Computer Science) Programming. you can do a lot of things with the programming functions from shapes to controlling a game with the keyboard and mouse. This is the code for the programming.







  • keyCode
    Number representing which key is pressed
  • keyIsPressed
    True if a key is being pressed, false otherwise





Programming Basics


That is the code for the programming. remember if you like this post please click that like button and send a comment and I love a new addition to the “Space and Time analyzing System” Space Army.

Thanks! See ya later!


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Ohms Law

Hello all you interested in electronics! This is an important thing to know about electronics. It is called “Ohms law”.  It has to do with electricity. In electricity there are for things, Voltage (E) Is kind of like water pressure in a hose, It is a force that moves electrons. Power (P) is how much “work” is being done. Current (I) Is how many electrons are moving at the same tine. Resistance (R) Is how hard it is for electrons to get through. This how you figure out how much of each there is.

E = R*I

R = E/I

I = E/R

P = E*I

Hope you learned something today!!

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Strange but cool. Math may be borring but it is also awsome! The number “i”

Hello to all you math haters! Today I am going to show you the awesome thing about this number “i”. You may or may not have heard people talk about imaginary numbers like eleven-twelve or twenty-eighty-one. Imaginary numbers exist but not those kind. “i” is sometimes known as the “Imaginary number”. The strange but cool thing about it is that when using exponents with this number is that it always repeats itself. here is an example:

i to the power of zero well like always = 1

i to the first power = i

i to the second power = -1 (weird?)

i to the third power = -i (weirder?)

Now to blow your mind:

i to the fourth power = 1 (what?)

Cool right?!

i to the fifth power = i (a REPEAT?!)

Yes a repeat. Every time you … I’ll tell you later.

i to the sixth power = -1 (whats going on here?)

Be patent!!

i to the seventh power = -1 (Umm…   D:  )

And this repeats like so:

i to the eight power ( this is four times two so PAY ATTENTION!) = 1

And I said I’d tell you this so here. With this number it repeats with 1 when you hit these exponents

0, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, etc.

So I hope that you get the ides of “1, i, -1, -i, 1, i, -1, -i, etc.”

This so-called ” imaginary number” exists. And guess where?! ( Where?) ITS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!! The answer is … *Ding Ding Ding!* EVERYWHERE!!

                                                          SO DO YOU THING MATH IS BORRING NOW?!

So that’s it for “SBC! (Strange But Cool) Math edition” for today! Enjoy! I hope I blowed your mind if so Leave Comments or suggestions in the “Comment this post” Below!! thanks!  ^_^

Project 2 blink

This is another Arduino project.

Use the first schematic for the setup


here is the program


int led = 13;

void setup() {

pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
digitalWrite(led, LOW);

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project 1 LED

My first project was a LED (Light Emitting Diode)  test for arduino.

To do this project you will need

* 1 LED (any color)

* 1 resistor between 10 and 1000 OHMS I find 240 or 270 works best

* 1 Arduino uno

* 1 bread-board

* red and black insulated copper wires

* Schematic (I have this in the part 2 post)

* An arduino program for this project

* The arduino program maker

step 1 find the parts you need  radio shack will also cary the parts

Step 2 assemble them according to the schematic you don’t have to follow it exactly but DO NOT switch the resistor and LED around you will end up losing an LED.

Step 3 Download the program onto the arduino

Step 4 Look at the cool flashing light!!

For the program you can have the led in any pin you want to have it not digital pin 1 or 0


before   int led = 13:

after      int led = 2:


int led = 13;

void setup() {
pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop() {

digitalWrite(led, HIGH) ;
digitalWrite(led, LOW);

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Where to buy an Arduino

There are different places and websites to buy Arduino. One of the places is Radio Shack.

These are websites you can look on just click on the link!

SparkFunMaker StoreAdafruit IndustriesLittle Bird ElectronicsModern DeviceFunGizmosNKC ElectronicsGravitechRobotShopLiquidware,HacktronicsMakerBot IndustriesMicrocontroller Pros,Curious InventorAeroQuadCuteDigiEIOTeach me to makeUltiMachineElectrojoystick.comElectronics is Fun,AME – After Midnight EngineeringTrossen Robotics,JamecoZagros RoboticsAdvanced Micro Circuits Corp,iHeartEngineering3D RoboticsJaycon SystemsElexp,Abra-electronicsReuseumPololu411 Technology SystemsHandmadecircuitsAztec MCU Prototyping

I recommend buying an Arduino UNO first. It is one of the easiest to work with and program. To program the Arduino you ought to know the programming language C. If you want programming click on the link Arduino – Reference and you will be directed to the reference page.

more about Arduino coming soon on


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